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Genesis collection: "Bright colors"

"teoksen nimi"

"teoksen nimi"

"teoksen nimi"

"teoksen nimi"

"teoksen nimi"

"teoksen nimi"

the people

Who we are

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Helena - the Artist

  • Digitally creating the fine art for NFT’s
  • Entrepreneur of handicraft ecodesign brand INTOA design since 2010
  • Previous career: Handicraft workshops instructor.  Handicrafts and arts teacher.
  • Education: Designer, majoring in textile design
  • Multiple studies and courses in various techniques on drawing and painting


Handicrafts and physical pictorial forms of expression have gone with me throughout my life. Everyday life and nature give topics to my work. Lines, textures, colors, and moods play an important role to me, by perceiving and examining them I outline the world and myself. They are key tools for creating my art and an endless source of inspiration and joy.”

JT - the Tech guy

  • Maintaining these web pages
  • Maintaining the Holaplex store and sales/auctions there
  • Communicating in twitter and other mediums
  • Previous career: 20+ years in 3g and 4g mobile network sw development
  • Education: MSc in information technology, majoring in SW development
  • 10+ years of digital photography, post-processing and editing


“I am fascinated about blockchain technology and the possibilities of NFT’s and ownership of digital goods. It is very interesting to experiment and learn this new technology and create something positive on it on our own terms. This is my way of being part of, supporting and promoting web3 ideals like decentralization, consumer ownership of data, trustless services and more.” logo - the brand

  • We choose to use brand name as this is very much a collaboration for us. Here art meets tech and both are needed for the entirety
  • Our artworks are 1/1 pieces in beginning, possibly some low number limited editions and other alternative approaches later on
  • We highly appreciate the collectors of our artwork and will remember them,  especially the first collectors  and supporters of our work.
  •  We will also later explore and experiment with some more creative collection release methods and possibilities of airdrops